COMPELLING QUESTIONS about Coaching with Marlo

Clients often ask me the following questions;

How often do you meet with someone to accomplish their goal(s)?

Coaching is a process – I meet with clients every other week for 6 sessions – so 2x’s a month for a 3 month timeframe.  I run next to my clients for an entire quarter of their business. I have a very high retention rate too – most clients will retain my coaching for the entire year.

Synergy is everything – it creates momentum and that is what moves people forward – it’s important that you meet at least 2x’s during a 14 day series to ensure you stay focused and motivated on your desired goals.

I do randomly check in with my clients via text, email and motivational calls throughout our coaching partnership – again very client-driven to ensure I am coaching at the level in which they are seeking

  •  How do you know what to do to help people?

Experience matters! – Coaching is a natural talent that runs through my veins – I’ve always been postured in positions of consultant, liaison, leader and trusted resource in every role I’ve held professionally.   I have also created and implemented numerous leadership and sales programs that have delivered results.

  •  What do you qualify as a success from your coaching?

Success means different things to different people – I focus on my clients desires – we work toward their goals – when reached = success!

  • Examples; business growth – I’ve assisted in implementing a duplicable process for clients – teaching them how to create systems that work for them that reduce time and detail management and ensures they stay focused on their core goal(s).
  • Breakthrough sales goal; I’ve worked with many clients in creating what a breakthrough sales goal looks like – how to approach it by chunking it down – offering them appropriate reading materials to ensure powerful “mindset” to approach it with star power attitude – assisting them in asking for the needed resources to get there – detailing out a simple plan to follow – ensuring every detail down to practicing their approach by scripting and role-playing to ensure the sale happens – the results come when they take the ACTION and get the RESULTS.
  • What is the most common business you work with?

I am extremely diversified with my client base; I work with Independent business owners – sales professionals (in many areas; Real Estate, Product sales, Fitness Sales, Health and Wellness and much more) – direct selling professionals – corporate executives (at all levels) – “number’s people”, bankers, brokers, accountants.  Customer Service/Hospitality professionals.  The list is not limited to but includes so many more areas of business.

  •  How do you help people stay accountable?

I find out what is the most effective approach for my clients then together we create a plan of how to move forward with this.  It’s all about my clients and their needs – I do not tell people what to do with their business I simply “coach” them toward their desired goals by my motivational approach which is up-beat, positive with a team concept – CAN-DO ATTITUDE!

Accountability is all about AN AGREED UPON ACTION – I connect with my clients and ask them “what would you like me to hold you to this week” – they are in the “driver’s seat” and it’s important to approach it this way simply because they are the ones taking ACTION – I am the Coach who supports them if they stray from their desired goal.

  •  How do you ensure a client’s ROI – Return on Investment

I work with my clients to discover what their “ultimate goals” are – once this is determined we craft a plan and implement solutions towards reaching those goals.  Once a client see’s the results from the ACTIONS taken by them they easily see their personal investment returned to them.  An investment into Coaching is invaluable – it’s not like a product that goes out of style or use – the skills you take away when working with me as Your Coach enhances the way you do business from that point forward – it’s an ongoing return.

  •  How can you make coaching affordable for people starting out?

It’s not about the cost it’s ALL ABOUT the results – There is no price-tag on the value of someone else – I have over 12,480 hours of hands on coaching experience along with being certified and having 7 years of Human Resource experience in addition to 10 years of non-profit community service.  My time, talents and resources are of value that is the most important thing.  It’s not about the price-tag as much as “value” and the difference that I can/do make.  Let’s just say “everyone deserves a coach!”.

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To Your Success!