Self Motivation – The core of what IT is and HOW to obtain it


The core of what IT is and HOW to obtain it;

Along with self confidence, another attribute that is required for success is motivation. Not motivation as a kick up the backside provided by others, but self motivation; the ability to keep yourself going when the going gets tough. Crawling through broken bottles and razor blades to get what you want.

So where does this self confidence and self motivation come from?

You may have possibly heard the phrase “the body follows the mind”. Bluntly put, if you want your actions to be great you first have to train the mind to be great.

How many people are truly self motivated? 

Ninety nine percent of people struggle to be self motivated and then not have the self confidence to follow their dreams. Going to personal development seminars and training courses can really get us fired up, full of energy to conquer the world. But how many of you find that two days later you feel flat again and all that motivation has worn off.

What is self motivation? 

Self motivation exists when there is contradiction between your current results and your expected results. Your expected results are your vision. Time and time again people do not have a clear vision and self confidence suffers because of this. The school’s national curriculum doesn’t teach children how to be millionaires. You and I are not trained to have time freedom or financial freedom. For most people their vision is to see themselves through from one payday to the next. Great results come from changing that vision which will enhance self confidence and belief.

How do we change that vision? 

The subconscious mind believes your current vision. If your current vision is one of struggling from payday to payday that is what your subconscious mind provides for. The subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind but it is unable to distinguish between facts and lies. True vision comes from what the subconscious mind hears the most often.

To improve this current state of affairs a vision statement needs to be created. Once this has been produced it should be read at least on a daily basis, if not more.

  • Firstly think of where you want your life to be and the results you want to experience.
  • Write a statement. Your words should be inspirational and encompass your core values. Be specific and allow your ideas to be big, as high as you can possibly      imagine achieving.
  • Write in the first party. Do not write my life will be… write my life is
  • Read aloud to train the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will believe these positive statements and very soon self motivation and self confidence will kick in.

The subconscious mind will believe a vision statement if repeated on a regular basis and will then overcome all hurdles in order to make the vision statement come true. Self motivation is now created because of the distinct contrast between vision and your current results.

This is likely to be the most powerful transition you are ever likely to make on your incredible journey towards success. It will substantially improve self confidence, change your future and your results more than you can possibly imagine.

Believe in yourself – Coach Marlo