Happy Monday! Simple tips to get you going this week……..

This and That – tips, tips, tips

I take notes, lots and lots of them. I take them at seminars, conventions, when I go and see motivational speakers, at church, on conference calls – wherever. It helps me to absorb and cement into my brain the information I’m receiving. I’m pretty sure there’s a scientific reason behind it. All I know is that I take notes and it works for me.

Many years ago, I developed the habit of taking notes in spiral notebooks. I always put the date, speaker’s name and location of the seminar at the top of the page. Not only does it help me to keep my notes in context, but it serves as a little diary as well.

The amazing thing that I have found is how timeless some of the information I have received over the years is. Here is a potpourri of tips.  None of these tips are really rocket science but they are good basic business building pointers that have maintained their relevancy.

When building your team(s) – ask everyone and FOLLOW UP!

Consistency is key –

Work to achieve company promotions that encourage consistency

Believe in your goal, say it out loud

Go to work, whether you want to or not

Don’t say “if”, “want”, “wish”, “hope

Instead say “can”, “will”, “when”

Consistency is huge – pick your level but don’t stop – it is like exercising

When goal setting you must sell it to your family – let them know what you are doing

Make your plans for the week on Sunday nights

Set expectations

Set expectations for new team members

Ready, Aim, Fire (forget the ready, just aim, fire and readjust)

Love and Belief!

Coach Marlo