GRATITUDE from others reflects your genius……..a.k.a “your purpose”

The gratitude you receive from others is a reflection of your genius.  When do you feel powerful, passionate, free, incredibly useful, excited, inspired?  You want to live and earn from this zone, right? Please say yes.  When you’re in this passion zone, you lose track of time or you’d work for free. It might make your body feel stronger; it makes you feel energized.  Do you know what your personal genius is?!?

I am grateful that I have found my genius (coaching others to reach their potential) – the zone in which I choose to live, earn and love in.  Simply because I live in my genius zone it allows me to offer these skills back to my clients;

  • Dynamic strategist with booster shots of ideas and energy toward goals
  • High impact energy mindset toward success, all actions respond to this type of movement
  • I am solution-searching
  • It’s all about “getting on target” – quick focus and action oriented
  • I am highly vested in my clients success; I know that my focus is to serve others by running next to them in business
  • The entire partnership is highly based on integrity and synergy of team

The impact I have on others simply because I am doing what I am called to do is incredible and I am grateful for it.

Let’s have a chat today about your genius – it’s closer than you think!

Love and belief! Your Coach, Marlo