Infusing my BIG BEATUTIFUL TALENTS to help others succeed!

Today I’m sharing with you just how GRATEFUL I am for all the BEAUTIFUL clients I get to serve and empower.

As my brand strengthens and evolves I am so enamored by all the dynamic folks that I have aligned with.

Here is a reminder of my essence in coaching and why clients align with MY brand to enhance their performance:  Marlo Higgins Coaching Essence:

  • 12 week CEO – strategist (short-term/high energy) – my strong suit
  • Booster shot of ideas and energy toward the goal(s)
  • High impact energy mindset toward success, all actions respond to this type of      movement
  • Speak SUCCESS and nothing less!
  • I am solution-searching!
  • My mindset is all about “getting on target” – quick focus and action oriented
  • I am highly vested in my clients success; I know that my focus is to serve others (run next to them )
  • The entire partnership is highly based on integrity and synergy of team

This is a taste of what last week felt like;

  • Monday morning started early with empowering and inspiring a team of 8 independent stylists via HIGH ENERGY conference call with a focus on CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • A “10 minute tune up call” with a client around CONSISTENCY and goals.
  • Posting my WEEKLY BLOG!
  • Moving a client UP-IN-RANK with her MLM company – together we are working on building her business B-I-G!
  • Coaching a CHAMPION athlete on her up-coming competition to be a TOP NATIONAL (we’ll get crowning results Friday night – love and belief)!
  • Sprinkle in a little love for my family – THEY ROCK!
  • ROCKED OUT a presentation with one of my professional financial guru’s – he’s headed to Minneapolis to present a concept to 500+ folks!  We “fine-tuned” his approach so he can HIT IT OUT OF THE BALL PARK Friday night!
  • Enhanced how a few of my “mentoring interns” are positioning career seeking!
    • I LOVE learning from this “team” – they are wicked smart and I am grateful for every opportunity we get to learn from each other!
  • Worked out a 90 day plan for one of my NEW clients – she is building a wealthy team and learning how to balance her own personal production at the same time – no easy feat!
  • Gave one of my clients “a hard talk” on CONSISTENCY.  The only thing holding this one back is HERSELF!  I coached her on “unlocking the cage” and getting herself out – everything this client is seeking is simply WAITING FOR HER to take ACTION………….everyone is ready to say YES, she just has to drop the FEAR and DO IT!
  • This is a mere sampling of a 24 hour window in my world – my week runs deep but you can tell how I OOZE and RADIATE simply because I am living my life purpose of being a Coach/Motivator for others!

Thank You for the opportunity – I am extremely grateful!

Coach Marlo