Philanthropy Week!

Philanthropy Week!

Every quarter I take an entire week and dedicate it to giving back to others.  Philanthropy is described as; charity, compassion, humanity and generosity.

Purpose for doing it: 

  • I’ve always taken a humanitarian approach towards business (“passion not paychecks” mantra) so my business plan includes (2) give-back programs.  1) Student Mentorship program (4 students month – 6 months) – treat as a regular client with expectations of follow-up to challenges/strategies
  • Philanthropy Week – I dedicate 1 week each quarter to folks who would like coaching; start-up companies, non-profits, young professionals, struggling businesses and single parents without a lot of resources.  It just feels good to give back what I do in business to them – “just because” they deserve it and it fuels my tank!

Goal I’ve set for this program:

  • To empower 12 mentees this week (3/day for 4 days)

Actions taken to make it happen:

  • 1 hour “jam sessions” – these are pre-scheduled months in advance


  • This week keeps me grounded and pure in what I do – it fuels me to give back and help others.  This one simple action keeps my brand strong and simply emphasizes that “I walk the talk”.

This whole week is focused on others and how my energy and experience can help them.   We all need a Coach or business strategist or especially in my case a Professional Encourager at some point, especially if we are just starting out. I select a valued number of folks to Coach Complimentary this week and together we jam out BIG BEAUTIFUL PLANS that meet their MOST IMPORTANT and IMMEDIATE goals.

I’ve been asked “why would you do that?” well it’s very simple, I’ve experienced some amazing opportunities and have been rewarded by others myself……….it only seems right to do this.  I usually come off this week exhausted (experiencing a session for me is like running a 4 x 100 relay race full-out fast…… sessions are high-energy with lots of momentum, excitement and ideas) so I know that I’ll need to recharge my batteries once this week is through but it’s just what I do and anyone who’s ever coached with me or has experienced one of these sessions will tell you “Marlo definitely knows how to ignite your success!”.

All I can say is that I am grateful for the opportunities I receive with these very special sessions this week and I know I’ll be looking forward to next quarter (January) when I get to do it all over again!

To inquire about one of these complimentary Coaching sessions, please send me an email at;

Ignite Your Success – Coach Marlo

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