New with Audio! Three things you MUST focus on DAILY!

Three things you MUST focus on DAILY!

1)    OBTAIN

2)    SERVE


Are you clear on the three simple things you MUST do for your business every day?

I find that so many folks have no idea what they should be doing to reach the goals they’ve set for themselves.  They’re simply “overthinking it!” it’s really as simple as 1-2-3.

1)    Obtain Clients – Your daily actions should surround this activity.  This can come in many different forms………phone calls, attending networking events, working on a campaign to enhance your business, meeting a past colleague for a chat…………you pick.  But DO IT – this is truly the “bloodline” to running your business.

2)    Serve – This is actually doing what you do in business.  For me, it’s Coaching Clients.  I serve a minimum of three clients daily simply because I’ve spent the time focused on obtaining these future clients that allows that to happen.  If I don’t like that number……………I double it and sales increase by 50%.  Again, it’s that simple.

3)    Follow-Up and Follow-Through – This is the #1 ball that gets dropped in business!  I find the reason folks do not follow-through is they think they are being a bother………..Really?!?  How about you change your perspective toward being a “good steward”  toward your business and simply connecting with others to help them out, save them time and make the call that they were planning to make anyway which was to get back to you in response to your previous ask (for business)!  Hmmmmm………….now how does that feel?  Better right?

These are core strategies I work on daily with clients.  This ONE SIMPLE formula has helped numerous clients to get ahead, get out of stuck and start reaching their desired goals.

If you would like to have a more detailed plan that is specific to YOU, simply reach out to me I’m here to serve others…………….I know my purpose in business.  Let me share a quote from a previous client “It costs your business too much NOT to Coach with Marlo”.

Love and belief!  M –