New with Audio! Describing what a “jam session” with me feels like………….

jam session

Describing what a “jam session” with me feels like………….

First it starts with……..



My Brand Essence:

  • 12 week CEO and business strategist (to get real I’m essentially a “rental CEO”) – this is the purest way to describe it!
    • However, my clients tend to retain me for much longer so there are packages that my clients select from knowing what goals they have set for themselves and the work that needs to happen to reach them.
    • I offer Booster shots of ideas and energy toward their goal(s)
    • I’m a High impact motivator with an energy mindset toward success, all actions respond to this type of movement.  My tagline “ignite your success” clearly describes the feeling of our coaching sessions
    • I am Solution-searching!
    • There is value by having a Mindset that is all about “getting on target” – quick focus and action oriented
    • I’m vested in my clients success; I know that my focus is to serve others (run next to them)
    • Our entire partnership is highly based on integrity and synergy

WHO coaches with me:

  • People like you who need motivation, ideas, solutions, belief, synergy and positive challenges – I’ve been told by clients that I’m not afraid to provide “corrective comments” which simply means I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear……by giving you the sage advice you need to move ahead that’s the only way to make it happen……………

What does a partnership look like?

  • We work together on your most important and immediate goal(s).  I take my clients exactly where they are at in business and simply enhance the way they are doing it.  I am extremely “client driven”.  This is the #1 reason why my brand is so powerful and why it works – I speak at the level in which my client is seeking.  I’ve created and implemented an approach that puts laser focus to three core levels in team action.  There is value when you honor folks exactly where they are at and lead in a way that inspires them to perform at higher levels.  My Star Leadership Program has literally moved mountains for companies and teams nationwide.
  • We dig deep into all aspects of business and un-earth the areas that are not working at 100% optimum performance.  That can sometimes be in a client’s pitch of business or their ability to close a deal and everything in-between. Together (under a fail-proof and safe environment with me) we create new ways to approach which leads to their overall success.  You cannot TRY and FAIL at the same time, it’s impossible!

My Brand Beliefs:

  • Philanthropy – I’ve got a lot of people to thank that have assisted me to getting where I am today in business so it only feels right to GIVE THAT BACK.  I have a specific “philanthropy program” that I offer.
  • I lead by example – 2% of every coaching dollar goes back at the end of the year to the “charity of choice” in honor of our sons’ names.  This shows them value.  They do the research and are the ones who provide the check
    • This does a few things for everyone 1) when I’m giving it MY ALL they see it and know that will go full circle towards something else to benefit others 2) it engrains in them the value of “give back” 3) my clients are giving back right alongside me.  It’s just so much BIGGER than any of us………..I’ve always believed that what you do in business should be an extension of your life…….

I invite you to connect with me directly to learn more of what we can do together in 2013 and beyond!

Ignite Your Success – Coach Marlo

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