NEW with Audio – How my clients describe me as a WORD and TANGIBLE item

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How my clients describe me both as a WORD and a TANGIBLE item!

I recently conducted a simple assignment with a handful of my clients – I always say that “I don’t sell a product but I enhance performance”.  It can be a difficult thing to get your mind wrapped around when you can’t actually see this “tangible” item I refer to as performance.  So I thought hmmm…..I wonder if I ask a few people to describe their coaching experience with me as a little “more tangible” what would they say………..

The purpose of this exercise was to learn a bit more about “the value” I share with others through coaching – I was recently asked to submit a proposal for a high impact coaching project and I thought it would be valuable if they could “see or hear” how folks described this “non-tangible” service/product or item (however you’d like to describe it) that I provide which is personal one-on-one coaching.

Here is the outcome of this simple exercise;

I asked my clients these two questions;

1)    “If you could put a WORD to your coaching experience with me this year, what would that WORD be?”


  • Energizing
  • Through
  • Awesome
  • Invigorating
  • Empowerment
  • Valuable
  • Motivating
  • Amazing
  • Dynamic
  • Motivational
  • Persistence
  • Empowerment
  • Immeasurable

** Note two words were duplicated……..simply stating that my coaching truly radiates MOTIVATION and EMPOWERMENT.

2)    “If you were to describe your coaching experience with me as a “tangible item” – what would that tangible item be?  To get clearer on the question – what was the value or worth in terms of an “item/tangible” for you?”


  • Granite countertops
  • My computer
  • A Star (not so tangible but WOW what a compliment)
  • Jet Plane which was described as this; your mentoring allowed me to fly and get to places I never thought were possible
  • Diamond (a shiny one)
  • A whisk – you have the ability to stir in a way that adds “air” and lifts you up!
  • Going on a HUGE shopping spree……..
  • Rain – that is which is necessary for growth

** You can see that this question was a bit more challenging to respond to……..but you get the idea of the value these clients received.

Try this for yourself – I challenge you to ask your clients these same questions.  It’s an enlightening project.

PS – I was also rewarded the proposal for the high impact coaching project I mentioned above, I get to Ignite Dreamers starting in January 2013 and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Love and belief!

Coach Marlo