I’m Marlo. Not Mainstream

TROPHY postI’m Marlo.  Not Mainstream

What differentiates me from other coaches?

First off, I know that I am my only competition. There is no other “Marlo Higgins Success Coach” out there – so when I wake up in the morning, I know that I am my biggest competitor. I don’t spend time focused on “the other guy” and what they’re doing. I stay clear on my purpose. I work with clients one-on-one, in small groups, and through presentations by asking the right questions and shaping the right strategies which ultimately enhances their performance and assists them in reaching their desired goals and outcomes.

What am I passionate about?

People!  I’ve been in the “people business” since 1989 when I started in the Human Resource field.  My role was focused on securing employment for clients and assisting companies to find the right match for their teams. I’ve always said “my product is people”;  it’s been my role to “pull them off the shelf” to employ them, empower, and lead them.

I stand for self-worth, independence, a strong attitude of belief and accomplishment and making a positive impact.

What sets me apart?

I’m not afraid!  I am a visionary who can lead.  I have deep interpersonal skills.  All of this is enhanced by my experience, which guides me.

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I adopted the mantra from Earl Nightingale in 2005; If you spend an hour of study a day in your chosen field you will be a national expert in 5 years or less.

I’ll be honest — When I aligned with the opportunity to be the VP of Sales for a high-potential start-up company, I didn’t know what it was going to take, or the exact steps to get there.  But with a lot of study, research  and hands on execution (tied with oodles of passion to succeed and fearless of the risk of failure) this team met and exceeded goals.  This is one of my greatest accomplishments – I became the type of leader others wanted to follow and together we received the results we were striving for.  I’m grateful!

Personality with a PUNCH. 

I’m a “clicker” and connector.  It comes easy for me to connect with others and build relationships for life.  Connector traits consist of energy, insatiable curiosity and willingness to take chances.  It’s the same with striving for goals; I am passionate about it.  I also know that I leave my energy behind so I put full intention to setting the tone and building rapport with others.

You get compensated to the degree to which you solve and handle problems.  Period.

I’m definitely not mainstream and I look forward to being your business strategist and coach this year.

Ignite Your Success – Coach Marlo