4 Easy Steps to Get Your Work Done

2013-03-16 10.39.15Prioritizing:

Have you harnessed the power of knowing what comes first?

I often work with clients on this strategy.  It makes the flow easier and it ensures you stay on-task with all that needs to get done (in the order of importance) toward reaching your desired goals and outcomes.

A simple system I’ve adopted is this:

1). Anything that needs to get done is located on the right-side of my desk.  The HIGH PRIORITY stuff is on my desk, the rest is prioritized on the floor. This allows me to start off my day with intense momentum knowing what needs to get done first; there is no thinking that goes into it.  I simply take what’s on top and start with that task.

2). If you have electronic that needs to get done; print it off! If an email comes in that has a “return request” on it and I cannot do it right that minute, I simply print it off and put it in “the pile”. I am a visual girl, so I would be highly challenged if I had to work in a paperless world.

3). Now, extract the pile down to what’s important by order of importance, putting the MOST important on the top of the pile.  I file them out like a shuffled deck of cards to visually see all that needs to get done in order of importance.

4). Shift the completed tasks to the left of your desk. File the completed tasks when you get the time. My filing system is simple, too. I like to use binders, so I will usually three hole punch the paper and put it in its necessary place to access quickly.

I invite you to adopt this high performance strategy which will ensure you stay on-task and do everything you say you are going to do.

** The picture shows a rock on “my task pile” I give every client a rock with a word on it that best describes them/our experience around coaching.  This picture shows how I ground my tasks with this symbol (enjoy).  It simply infuses how I approach everything.

Focused. Grounded. Consistent.

Ignite Your Success,