New Photo Updates!

The following is a guest post from Ryan, outlining Marlo’s recent photo and video shoot: 

I recently had the amazing opportunity to oversee a video and photo shoot for Marlo Higgins as she revamps and launches her brand.  Luckily, both of these shoots were in the morning, so I could pass up my morning coffee routine. Marlo provides more energy than my Keurig could ever hope to.

Because Marlo is so energetic and empowering in person, we really tried to evoke these feelings in her photos and her video.  Even though they do a great job, the best way to experience Marlo is face to face.

Here are some teaser images from Marlo’s photoshoot with Sarah Neighbors Photography.



Sometimes you just need a kick of fun to start off a new season. Marlo is ready for spring! What can YOU do to invigorate your brand?

Be sure to stayed tuned for her promotional video that will give you a kick of Marlo’s persona and energy. It may even put coffee companies out of business.

Do you think we captured the Marlo experience? Leave us some feedback in the comments below!

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