XO: Sharing Love and Belief

If you are a past reader of my blog then you may have asked yourself, why does Marlo always end with XO? Does she really mean hugs and kisses? Simple answer, I’ve made XO into my own definition for my brand.

I had a recent client ask me “What does that mean to you?”

Great question! When I realized my own client didn’t know, I realized that some of you may have asked yourself the same question. Here is what XO means to me:

X = Love

O = Belief

Let me explain. While I was leading a dynamic sales team of multi-million dollar producers, I would sign off as their leader with Love and Belief!  This was a way for me to encourage those on my sales team; allowing them to see how much I believed in them. This has stayed true for me throughout my professional career.  So, when I leave someone with a little XO – it’s me saying…Love and Belief!

There is value when you add a little love to your business and connections with others.  I value the synergy that gets created and I like to keep it up front and center with loving and believing in my clients.

Pass it on…don’t be afraid to be real.  In life and in business, that is really all we have. So step out today and bring your “love and belief” to what you do and share more of it with others.  It’s a rich way to connect, share and learn.