30 | 60 | 10 Formula for Growth and Consistency


ql6O4z5i-j9z5pEuGYjkG0rYKcKtXjsqc1BQnpMBAPADo you have a formula that allows for clarity and focus toward your business growth?

When you breakdown what needs to get done each day into three simple categories, have laser focus, then take the actions, over time you are running with amazing consistency.

Let’s start with getting clear on the three things you must focus on:

GROW = 30% of your day
SERVE = 60% of your day
FOLLOW-UP = 10% of your day

Let’s break this down so you know exactly how much time to spend in each area. Let’s run this formula on an 8 hour work day.

Growth; this is the bloodline to any business. Without a consistent focus on growth it’s hard to secure ongoing business. When you take daily actions in this area of business you will always have forward movement. If 2 hours of your 8 hour day are spent on “growth activities” it will be impossible not to move ahead. If you only focus on your current projects once those are complete you don’t have anything to secure for future business. Spin it and work daily on building and you can already start to see the value of this formula.

2 hours day spent on growth activities connecting with others gives you 10+ hours a week and 40+ hours a month. That’s an entire week spent each month on growth.

What are 10 growth activities for your business?

Service; this is the easy part; it’s simply doing what you do in business. So, 5 hours a day gives you 25 hours a week serving your clients. You will spend 100+ hours each month in this area.

Follow-up; when you take the time to follow-up every day and do what you said you were going to do not only serves your clients more effectively, but this one simple action will secure more business for you over time. There are billions of dollars lost every year due to a lack of follow-up.

Spending just 1 hour at the end of each day buttoning up each touch point that you had throughout the day speaks volumes to your integrity and overall success. During the month you’ve spent 20+ hours simply following up to ensure you’ve covered all your bases.

What are follow-up actions you take daily in your business?

Here’s how the formula plays out in your day; 8-10am you spend on growth activities, 10am to 4pm you serve in your craft and 4-5pm you spend following up with email, phone calls and other added touch points to ensure your day is complete and you are ready to start fresh in the morning.

How does this make you feel? Of course, there is no “perfect day” where this is always going to be the case, but it’s a baseline for you to operate from. As long as you tell yourself “I will spend 2 hours a day focused on growing my business and 1 hour a day on following up” you’ll win.

An added tip; when I mention 1 hour a day on follow-up, this also allows for healthy boundaries in your business. How awesome does it feel knowing you can put off all those pesky emails throughout the day that distract you from producing, knowing that you will return to those actions at 4pm in the day? You’ve just bought yourself some time and production here, knowing that you’ve given yourself an hour to return to those touch points at the end of the day. Ahhh, this is easy right?

As always, I value your input so be sure to share with me in the comments section below.

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