2014 is ‘Your Year’

2014 is ‘Your Year’ and it begins with one first step:

Define WHAT it is that YOU Want:

Do you know the three things you should work on daily?

Are you struggling with defining your purpose?

Are you looking for an increased income?

Do you have the number of clients you are seeking?

Are you seeking a Personal Coach to Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Have you defined your Definite Chief Aim?

Are you struggling with motivation?

Are you trying to build a business and not seeing the success you desire?

Are you achieving goals?

Do You Need to Power-UP to create the success you desire?

If so, you’re invited to connect with me to learn more about how my STAR POWER style of coaching can have a HUGE IMPACT on your business in 2014 and beyond!


Simply connect to learn more: marlo@marlohiggins.com or you can call or text me at 319.530.1455  – Marlo