Coaching is attainable

ql6O4z5i-j9z5pEuGYjkG0rYKcKtXjsqc1BQnpMBAPAHere is a taste of what a few of my current clients ‘look like’ and the goals we are working on together. We are off to a great start in 2014. If you are ready to start seeing RESULTS, I am here to assist you.

There are times in our careers that we simply need to partner with someone who can assist us in getting to the next level. That is what Coaching is all about.

My clients are diversified in industry but the solutions we work on have common threads. Together we create solutions for; business growth, planning, leadership, enhanced sales and accountability in addition to motivation around each of these areas.

Here are a few client examples:

CPA – We are building their 4 year brand and expanding their client base.
Seasoned Executive – This diversified professional is clarifying their ‘Chief Aim’.
Financial Representative – Young MBA professional is looking to leverage personal sales AND build a healthy sales organization.
Salon Owner and Multi-level Marketing Owner (MLM) – This leader is looking to grow their team and ignite energy and performance with the stylists in their salon.
Multi-Business Owner – This 30+ veteran in business is looking to sell in the near future. We are working to posture their business to ensure this sale happens.
IT Executive – This experienced business owner is seeking business growth with fresh strategies and how to approach it.
Experienced Entrepreneur – They are branching out and launching another new business venture.
Dental Hygienist – They are looking to grow their supplemental income by diversifying and launching a side business for extra revenue. We are crafting that plan.
Athlete – Preparing for National Competition. We are working on interview and leadership skills.
Insurance Agent – Accepted a promotion. We are sharpening their leadership skills to grow and build their sales department.
Banquet Manager – We are working together to enhance their skill sets and leverage their leadership qualities.
Optometrist – We are strategizing on an ‘optimum location’ for their business in addition to working on growing their practice.
Realtor – Large producer looking to double sales this year.
Aesthetician – This business owner needed a clear plan to follow to ensure business growth with motivating strategies.

Coaching is attainable. One smart move or good transaction pays for it. It costs your business too much not to Coach. I am here to assist when you’re ready.

Ignite Your Success!