1,000 NO’S does not require a Band-Aid

band-aid1,000 NO’S does not require a Band-Aid

I was recently working with a client in the financial industry.  When I asked what her upcoming monthly goal was going to be she shared that she was going for 1,000 NO’s from clients/prospects this month.

She understands that business is mostly a numbers game and by playing with big numbers you receive big results.

This goal sounds untouchable (for most), so let’s break it down to show how this is actually very possible for you.

First off, you have to be real with how many days you are working with.  There may be 30 days in the month, but only 22 of them are actually “work days” or “production days”.

Let’s do the formula:

Goal: connect with 1,000 clients/prospects and ask for their business

Action: make calls, hold appointments, send emails, etc.

If you have 22 days to reach 1,000 clients/prospects; that’s asking 45x’s a day for business.  That’s only 6 per hour that gives you 10 minutes for each connection.

Once you hear this being stepped out, now how do you feel about it?  It’s lofty but attainable if you are driven to reach a desired goal or outcome right?

The only thing that is holding you back from this level of performance in business is yourself.  You are the only one telling you that “you can’t do it”.  How about standing in conviction with my client and going for it!

You will only gain from this experience, if a client/prospect tells you NO, it doesn’t even require a Band-Aid.  That is the simple, yet sage advice I was able to offer this very dynamic client of mine.

I’m excited to share that this client did make this goal a reality and it was a game-changer in her business.

Set your goals high, and go for them because you deserve it!

Ignite Your Success!