A spark flickered…Amanda’s Journey

Amanda Lund“What are you really passionate about?”

That’s where it started, folks. That’s the day my life changed forever. A spark flickered the first time I sat down with Marlo. The impact of that meeting cannot be defined in one simple result. My life has completely changed as an answer to that simple question.

When I sat down with Marlo almost three years ago, I had no idea that a five-year plan was a manageable thing. I thought goals were for the business-inclined and, like rules, were made to be broken. The road has been winding, and the re-evaluation of those goals was necessary, but the results I’ve gained from this experience are priceless.

With Marlo’s accountability and encouragement I am confident that I will be the best-selling author that I dream of. In three short years I’ve obtained an associate’s degree and am a junior in the English program at Iowa, with an ultimate goal of participating in the Writer’s Workshop. I have become more confident in my skills as a writer, a storyteller, and have transformed into a human with purpose. I think that may be one of my biggest accomplishments – the ability to be a human on purpose.

I once told Marlo that her services are the fiery forge in which an invincible spirit is made. I am a testimony to that statement. Without her assistance I would still be spinning my wheels, wishing for more.

There are three things that I believe have optimized my time with Marlo:

I utilize her as a resource. When I’m feeling unsure or worried, I know that I can send her an email and she will respond with encouragement and direction.

  • I’m open to seeing myself the way she sees me. Marlo has a gift of seeing the end result long before I even figure it out for myself. Trusting her instincts often carries me through periods of self-doubt.
  • I do the work. I trust that Marlo carries the map; and I rely on my feet to carry me to the destination.

I recommend that anyone considering Marlo’s services prepare for a completely new experience. I continue on this journey knowing that when I am confronted with doubt, with a “why?”, Marlo will be there asking yet another life-changing question:

“Why not?”

Amanda Lund, ‘soon to be’ Published Author