Are you asking your clients for feedback?

One of the greatest assets for your business is the opportunity for your clients to offer you feedback. Below is a recent feedback form I received from a client. The only way to improve your business is to listen to what your customers have to say about you. This is a CORE strategy that I work with clients on.

Marlo Higgins Coaching Feedback Form:
• How did you find out about my coaching services?
At a Regional Conference where Marlo was a break out session speaker.

• What were your top two reasons for hiring me as your coach?
1. Marlo left a lasting impression on me even in the short time we talked at the conference. I knew she was the type of person I would really benefit from knowing.
2. She has a positive, impressive track record.

• What aspects of your coaching experience did you like the most?
Talking consistently and reviewing and refreshing goals.

• Please specify anything you DID NOT like;
It was all a great experience for me.

• Please rate the quality of the coaching you received:
Excellent      Good     Average     Poor     Don’t know

• Please share the RESULTS you received from your coaching experience;
– more confident in my job
– hold myself much more accountable now
– I do a much better job of accessing myself and setting goals
– Building rituals that I know will help me lead a successful and fulfilling life
– Marlo helped me grow as a person and find more confidence in myself

• Did your coaching experience match your expectations? (if so, please describe);
Yes. I have set goals with Marlo and I have met all of them so far.

• Did you experience any “ah ha” or breakthroughs? If so, please share them with me –
When I set a goal to complete training at work, I actually completed it, I knew I could achieve whatever I put my mind to. I had a new sense of motivation.

The only way to improve your brand or your business is to ASK about how you are doing and what needs to improve (if anything).  I challenge you to create a similar format/routine with your business and see what results you receive by doing this.

Have a WINNING week!