This may ignite a fire within you

campfireThis blog is a continuance from my earlier blog that mentioned my recent 50-pound weight loss.  It is my desire that by sharing how I approached it, it may ignite a fire within you to do the same.

First off, the credit goes to Weight Watchers and the program they have.  Without a dynamic leader (Joann) and having a solid plan to follow, add a good friend who encouraged me to start exercising (Kim)…violà…50 pounds later here I am to share.

Winter: my season of results.

I tend to run on the ‘positive side of things’ so with last year’s winter (2013/14) being so harsh I actually took this on as a winter project with the motives of 1) having something positive to focus on and 2) thinking, “wouldn’t it be great to step out this spring feeling great wearing shorts”? That was it!  I turned what was a dreadful winter into a season of empowerment and results.

I lost consistently every week focusing on tracking EVERYTHING and not allowing any cheats (my way of approaching a goal).  At my Labor Day weigh-in (September 3rd) I had lost 50 pounds.  I’ve dropped 6 pant sizes and have amazing energy.

There is no ‘magic bullet’ just good old focus, planning and doing.

I took things ONE WEEK AT A TIME and focused on eating right and exercising week to week, enjoying the outcome every time.  I’d push the reset button after my weekly weigh in and just kept doing it.  I never set out with a 50-pound weight loss goal, I just took it week by week and it felt right to keep going.

You have to be mentally prepared to accept a challenge like this.

I did 3 weeks of positive self-talk before I jumped in and got started.  I told myself “Marlo, once you commit you have to pay, weigh-in and attend weekly meetings, plan ahead, say no to things you like and make other changes”.  Once I was fully committed and ready to accept the challenge, I got started and today stand on the ‘other side’ grateful that I did.  No, it’s not easy but it’s been one of the most life changing experiences I’ve had.   I am naturally built with high energy and a positive outcome, but now I am living my true best and for that I am grateful.  Watch out world, I’m B-A-C-K and more empowered than ever.

Think about this: ‘there is a solution to every frustration if you’re willing to dig deep enough’.

I was frustrated by my personal health and this was ONE THING I knew I could do and have control of.  It took me 3 weeks to really come clean with myself and to accept my own personal challenge, but boy I am grateful for it.

You have it in you to do anything you want.

What actions can you take this year that can become a game-changer in your world?

Ignite Your Success!


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