I had a greater desire to WIN than to CHEAT

NO CHEATS means…

In this blog https://igniteyoursuccess.com/2014/12/22/this-may-ignite-a-fire-within-you/   I share about my recent 50-pound weight loss and I made a statement about not allowing any cheats as my way of approaching my goal.  I was asked how that was possible, and why I would put that much pressure on myself.

The answer is simple, I had a greater desire to WIN than to CHEAT.

When the circumstance presented itself to get off track by eating food that wasn’t on plan, it held me back from where I really wanted to be.  I was able to catch myself in that moment and ask myself if I wanted that muffin more than I wanted to feel good in pair in of shorts.  The answer was always no, and the more I asked myself that question, the easier it was to accept the answer and move on. I had a desire to reach the number, to reach the goal, to have the success, to achieve a winning outcome.

It’s easy to think that never cheating on a diet or missing a workout is impossible.  It’s true that life happens, and there will inevitably be roadblocks that stand between you and the goal.  What got me through those times was a question that I challenge you to ask yourself:

How bad do you want it?

This question can be applied to any dream you are chasing, in business and in life.  Instead of focusing on perfection, I approached every day by asking myself that same question.  I wanted to get on the scale that week and see a 2-pound loss, and I did – because I wanted it.  That desire got me through the tough spots, but it was a belief in myself and the approach I was taking that secured my results – not chasing perfection.

I went after this goal with integrity; I simply did what I said I was going to do.  I followed the plan, took the action and got the results.  As you can see from my previous three blogs around this topic, that’s all there is to it.  https://igniteyoursuccess.com/2014/12/18/i-feel-compelled-to-share-with-you-where-ive-been/  Week after week, I executed the actions with integrity and that allowed me to reach the goal.

When thinking about your own goals, dig into the “why” and then go a little deeper.

Be open to the answers you find there. To revisit mine, it was my personal desire to just feel good again wearing a pair of shorts.  That was it. Nothing more. 50 pounds ago the only thing I felt comfortable in (not confident, but comfortable) was yoga pants – the kind that landed just above the ankle.  My true desire was to go golfing in a skort that felt much more feminine, cool and comfortable.

Be inspired by your answers.  I always tell my clients, you have all the answers inside you if you stop long enough to listen to yourself.  I look forward to hearing stories of why you decided not to cheat and what that allowed you to do in your business and your life.

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