Initiative…a very sexy word in business

take initiativeInitiative…a very sexy word in business

There are buzzwords in business that will get you noticed.  When putting yourself out there, you want words like “Initiative” and “Drive” associated with your name and your face.  In a world where everything is fast and abbreviated, a single word can mean big business.

Initiative means you’re not afraid to go for it.

Imagine walking into a meeting with an idea or a solution to a problem your team has been facing.  How does that feel?  The feeling that comes with looking at problems as opportunities is called satisfaction, and it happens in abundance when you take initiative.

I have a philanthropy program as a part of my business where I coach and mentor 24 college students free-of-charge each year.  One of the most important lessons I teach them is the power of initiating an idea or a solution.  The impact they have when they do this for an employer or a team sets them apart from others.  Simply, it’s the foundation of success.

When seeking people to work with for projects involving my business, I’m drawn to those who enjoying being ahead of the tasks at hand.  If someone on our team comes to me with an idea or a solution to something we’ve been working on without being asked, I respect them more.  Think about it, how much more effective would you (and your team) be if you focused on improving how things are working, instead of focusing on what isn’t?

Noodle on this:  Are you letting things happen or making things happen?

I challenge you this week to take initiative and make an impact on others or make things better for your team.  Remember to recognize those that are already taking initiative.  Whether or not the idea is implemented, them coming to you with an idea creates an open, communicative environment which will benefit everyone!

Ignite Your Success!