Breaking (It) Down

strategy focusOne key factor to success is knowing what to do and how to do it.  Another factor is identifying when something needs to change.

I made some changes this week!

As a business coach, it is necessary to have a playbook of plans.  My clients can testify to my step-by-step attitude, and to the results that come from that process.  As part of the growth of my own business, I was faced with an opportunity this week that wasn’t in my playbook.  I didn’t have a plan or process and didn’t recognize that I needed one, that is, until a Friday deadline left me feeling like a failure.

A high-level corporate contract opportunity required that I submit a proposal of services.  I pushed it off, thinking I would get to it.  Fast-forward to Friday and my attitude towards the task along with an already full schedule had me rushing to meet the deadline.  The result was something that I am less than excited about offering.  This feeling triggered an “ah-ha” moment for me: the playbook needs a new chapter.

Recognizing that I approached this opportunity without a plan allowed me to pinpoint the source of the negative feels I associated with my results.  Next time, (and I trust there will be a next time) I will have a plan and a process to follow in order to feel successful.

Where do you need a plan in order to optimize your performance?

Sometimes it takes a weak moment to figure out what we really need.  I accept these moments as gifts of clarity and move forward.  In order to learn from experiences we must make room for new opportunities rather than dwelling on a low moment.

Looking forward, I am setting my sights on summer when I do my most creative work.  Knowing this about myself allows me to plan accordingly, evaluating my business processes and taking pre-scheduled time to let things flow.

You are too important to allow feelings of negativity cloud your views of yourself or your business.  Make a plan that allows the time necessary to focus on your business and give it the attention it needs to thrive.

If you need to discuss your plans or are looking for new ways to approach your processes, please feel free to contact me.

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