Mindset matters!

2015-04-10 16.30.55I am a huge advocate of including your mental state as a method to your success.  When it comes to sales, there is truth in the idea that convincing others begins with convincing yourself.  Going in to a meeting focusing on what you are lacking will leave others feeling that lack as well.  Even before words are exchanged, the “vibes” you radiate can predict the future of a meeting, or even of an entire partnership.

Here is a tip I like to share with my clients; I empower them to speak this mantra on their way to the appointment or meetings…”everyone wants what I have to offer”.  Positive self-talk can be a game changer!  When you arrive, your shoulders are down, you’re more confident, you’ve got a bit more swagger to you.  Others in the room will be intrigued and fuel your mindset.  Give this one a try, it’s a gem and it works!

The truth is, we are the ones responsible for pumping ourselves up.  Most people do not have a personal cheerleader feeding them the encouragement they need to hear, so they must rely upon themselves.  Unfortunately, for many, positive self-talk does not come naturally.  It tends to be easier to dwell on the negative inner thoughts and words of others.  The strategy to counter these thoughts is a verbal action.  Thinking positively is not enough – make your vocal cords ACT and advocate for a positive mindset. When we’re taking ACTIONS things start happening.

If a mantra doesn’t feel right, start by telling yourself the things that you’d like to share with others when you get there.  Ignite your passion by focusing on what you have to offer and how it works for others, or how your last five clients benefited from your services.

When you fuel yourself with these positives it leaves NO ROOM for any negative to show up.  Then you arrive ON FIRE!  The result is a charisma that seeps into everyone in the room and pumps them up to your ideas, products or services.

Ask yourself: When was a time you encountered someone like this?  Someone who knew what they were doing or what they were offering was truly game changing?  Think about what that felt like and how you can replicate that feeling in your next meeting.

You deserve to have a healthy mindset about yourself, your business, your offering.  You are important.  Take the actions and see the results.  I know you can do it.

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  1. Thank you! I am going to practice this mantra as I get ready for my first vendor event in a long time. Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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