If You Educate They Will Come.

educateThe pressure to meet goals and cinch the sale is a thrill that is enjoyed by a sliver of those who are in the sales industry.  There is another group that stresses over quotas and gasps at threads of leads in order to squeak by.  Finally there is a third group that comprises the industry that revels in a sale not as a step closer to the goal, but as an opportunity to educate another personal about a product they are passionate about.

These fine ladies and gentlemen carry themselves confidently; they are at ease with themselves and the people they meet.  They are not salespeople.  They are educators.

Ask yourself this:  Whom have you educated today?

When looking at sales calls as learning opportunities, it is essential to come prepared.  Knowing about the potential business partner, and at least three reasons why your product or company can be beneficial to that business allows the potential client to see your passion rather than your pitch. The conversation moves forward in an open and encouraging way with much less pressure.

Taking this approach leaves everyone feeling lighter and better able to do business.  We all know when we’re “being sold”, but if we truly feel like someone has our best interests in mind and is educating rather than pushing, the yes comes naturally.  Passion is contagious, as is apprehension.  Focus on conveying your “why” and your potential client will want to be a part of your experience.

I challenge you to look at what you have to offer, list the top three benefits of your product, and go share that list with everyone.  When you approach it this way, others are only looking at the benefits and not the numbers. People buy from people they like and trust.  When you enter a partnership with the expectation of educating and learning from others, opportunities are guaranteed.

Once you have made your list, consider these questions: How can this work for you?  What do you like the most about this approach?  Why is it effective?

Another tool to utilize is observation. Look back to a time when you purchased something from someone/somewhere and the entire process just felt right.  What did they do to make that to happen?  I like to call this “stealing like an artist”. Look to see who is doing well and simply add your own approach, then see what happens.  Another option is to see who in your company is doing well with their own sales and asking them to partner with you for a day in order to observe.  Give it a try; you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

I like to hear from you and get your thoughts, so feel free to share with me in the comments section below.

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