My Coaching Experience | Aligning with Marlo as my Coach

Craig MA chance encounter.  (or  luck = opportunity + preparation)

I met Marlo Higgins as we happened to sit at the same table during the lunch and key note speaker address at the NextGenSummit 2013.  We struck a brief conversation where I learned she provided professional business coaching, something I was in need of.  When Marlo invited me to visit with her to discuss the idea of coaching, Marlo and I scheduled the meeting.

In the first few minutes during our follow up meeting I could see she was different, well different than me anyway.  Being different was precisely the reason I chose Marlo.  She shows up, has no fear of the uncertain.  A large function of the role in my career is establishing and growing relationships, this was Marlo’s background growing relationships is what Marlo does.

The economic slowdown impacted the industry I was working within creating a rough spot.  Since staring my career I had seen nothing but change.  The first several years of massive growth, followed by the 2008 economic collapse which changed the trajectory our industry was on.  During the period following the economic slowdown I found myself in charge of my employers Cedar Rapids office location.  I was in need of a support network as I was starting the next chapter in my career.

Working with Marlo has grown my comfort zone raising self-confidence.  I was frequently living day to day life in unfamiliar territory.  This was extremely uncomfortable and created high levels of anxiety.  Through the coaching assignments and mentoring my comfort zone exponentially expanded.  Marlo had the ability to guide me toward the right assignments at the right time in my development.  I often found myself reluctantly coming to agreement with the various assignments we set as she pushed to expand my circle of comfort.  Marlo’s technique of follow-up created a high level of self accountability.

Marlo did a great job at guiding me toward relevant resources as I needed them, she pointed me toward reading, practical application in my daily works, hand outs, and providing a sounding board.

Results achieved since first working with Marlo, the size of my immediate family has expanded.  My employer has successfully increased our office revenues by over 20%, we have added an additional office location, increased the number of key operations employees working on our team.

I had a great experience working with Marlo.  My comfort zone was expanded, my confidence increased, I received a better understanding of personal and professional branding, found techniques to use in order to help others.

The key strategy for me has been identifying the right things to do and consistently doing them.  The right things to do are “easy to do” and “easy not to do”.  These statements continuously run through my mind.  Taking consistent action toward definite goals.  Working with someone helps an individual stay consistent.

Craig Montz, Senior Project Manager