Nikki Burrus, Featured Guest Blogger

Nikki Bio HeadshotI’m Nikki Burrus, I’m a lifestyle coach, energy healer, spiritual guide, and Young Living essential oils enthusiast and distributor.

I embraced my passion and calling a little over a year ago to inspire others to connect to their inner truth and wisdom when I opened my own company, Heartspace Healing. My mission was clear – to help people reclaim their inner light, gain a grander perspective on their lives, and start creating a lifestyle that they truly desired.  I began offering group workshops and individual client packages. I was proud of the steps I had taken on my own throughout my first year, but realized I needed a strategic business partner to navigate the next steps.

Coming from a corporate background, many aspects of owning my own business was still very new to me. I sought out coaching with Marlo because I was instantly drawn to her magnetic presence.  When I first met Marlo, I knew she could help encourage me and support me as I continued to venture along the path that was right for me (and that last part was very important to me). Marlo does not tell you what to do; she gives you strategies to work with and reminds you that you have all the answers.

Marlo coached me on this valued principle; In order to best serve my clients, I need to respect what terms I want that to happen on so that I can be fully present and engaged with those that I am helping.

What a positive mindset shift!

From my coaching experience with Marlo, I have defined and implemented my ideal schedule, I have learned strategies to implement a marketing approach that feels authentic and not ‘salesy’, and I have embraced ‘standing in my divine purpose’ which has enhanced my offering and how I best help others.

I am also very excited about the process Marlo took me through to identify my ideal clients and services.  Marlo’s coaching allowed me to hone in on my business image and even a new name that more fully reflects who I am and what I offer.  Stay tuned for my official business launch in a few months!

Thank you, Marlo!

Nikki Burrus, Lifestyle Coach, Energy Healer and Spiritual Guide