Lynn McArthur, ” Her assistance was invaluable”

lynn mcarthurAfter 27 years in the Business/Operations side of the Healthcare industry, I decided in late October 2014 to make a career change.  I had become acquainted with a new line of jewelry to Central Iowa called Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski and decided I wanted to assist in the launch of this direct sales company to the area and beyond in late December 2014.

Knowing that I had never been in direct sales I decided to search google for networking opportunities in the area.   I very quickly found a couple and utilized their website to attend an event as a guest.  At my first luncheon, I sat in the first seat of the front row.  After a 30 minute networking session I returned to my seat and noticed someone else had taken the seat next to me.  When this very friendly lady, Marlo Higgins returned to her seat we introduced ourselves and began to chat until the beginning of the presentation.  When the meeting was over we continued our conversation for a short time and I realized that I needed the energy and knowledge she shared with me.  I am a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason and there was a reason I chose this seat that day!

Within 2-3 weeks I made a decision to hire Marlo as my Business Coach.  Her assistance was invaluable.  The craziest things you don’t even think will affect you when you begin your business.  “What time should I get up in the morning?” For 53 years the time I wake up in the morning has been driven by school, an employer or one of my three children!  The first day as I sat down to work on my computer several thoughts popped into my head such as; “What do I do first, second and third?  How will I ever fill up my day?  Did I really make the right decision leaving my job?    Marlo very quickly got me on track with her questions, thoughts, forms and great knowledge of operating a business.    With Marlo’s assistance I put together a daily schedule and tried to follow it for 30 days.  My first coaching session following the 30 day trial, Marlo said, “tell me about your schedule, is it working, do you love it?”  Without hesitation I replied “I am not doing it!”  Marlo responded “Ok! But you must tell me why.  You told me you didn’t know where to start first and what to do each day when you got out of bed, so what did you do instead of the schedule you put together?”  Without hesitation again I replied, “I do what I want when I want!”  Marlo asked me to write this phrase down on a star sticky note and I still have it in the front of my calendar today.  You see, I felt very restricted with a defined schedule and the progress I made in the 30 day trial was remarkable, with two new team members and shows/events on my calendar, I was rocking and rolling!

I became involved in several networking groups and have left some and joined others because of the fantastic advice from Marlo.  She said to me during one of our coaching sessions, “The networking groups are great as long as they are beneficial to you and your business.  Once they are no longer beneficial to your business you are wasting precious time in your day, and you don’t have time to waste!”

My goal moving into this business was to build a team in Central Iowa to represent Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski.  With the assistance of my Coach, Marlo Higgins I have hit some major milestones in the first four months of my business that I am extremely proud of!  I became the first Group Leader in the state of Iowa, the first Senior Group Leader in the state of Iowa and hopefully by the end of June the first Director in the state of Iowa.  I currently have 16 team members, with one in Minnesota.  One of them is a Group Leader with two of them ready to promote very shortly!  I am in current conversations and sponsorship opportunities with a lady in Wisconsin and one in Texas.  Both of these ladies will be joining my team by the end of June.  I just had a record month for myself (doubled my prior record month) and was number two in sales out of 250 in the much larger group I am a part of for Touchstone Crystal.

My success in business is 100% the result of my partnership with my Coach, Marlo Higgins.  I would not be where I am today after only 4 ½ months without her guidance and knowledge!!

Thank you for all you do!

Lynn McArthur, Senior Group Leader Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski