Trudy’s story “I have doubled my team since working with Marlo”

trudy mitchellIn January, 2015 I decided I really wanted to really get serious about moving my Arbonne business to the next level. I reread my personal development books, spent quite a bit of time thinking about and rewriting my goals and then I called Marlo!  She had previously been referred to me by one of my friends.  I had worked with Marlo before and knew I needed her help if I was to obtain that next level.  She is one of the MOST upbeat, dynamic people around and I knew she had a fabulous work ethic I could learn from and she expected the most from people.

Working with Marlo has helped me set the bar higher for where I want to be.  She has helped me realize I AM doing the right things and then she helps me expand on those things to help my business grow.

One of the most valuable strategies Marlo helped me with was to start thinking and acting like a Regional Vice President before I got the title.  I needed to wake up and do what an RVP did.  That meant I could not put things off to do the next day.  I needed to get on them today.   And “button up” my business, as she would say at the end of each day.  What a great thing to wake up and not have a huge to-do list from the day before!  I recommitted to getting up early, personal development, and planning my day along with my to-do list.

She also has helped me with building and encouraging my team whether she was on a team call with me or just giving me key ideas for team meetings or even expanding on my ideas. I have doubled my team size since working with her, which has been huge!  My team members are really starting to develop and are bringing on new team members so we are really starting to duplicate as a team, which is exactly what is supposed to happen!

She encouraged me to write out my team communication formula, so I’m not trying to decide if and when I need to get more or less information out which has helped free me up for other important tasks.

Working with Marlo has grown my self-confidence.  She helped me see I WAS making progress each time we met and that I WAS doing the right things. She is always there to bounce new ideas off of which was crucial too. This gave me more confidence to continue to expand on new ideas and challenges she would share to help my team continue to grow.

Thank you Marlo, your help has been invaluable!

Trudy Mitchell, (soon to be) Arbonne Regional Vice President