Halfway mark of the year. So, where are you?

half way markTough as it is to believe we are at the halfway mark of the year. So…where are you? How are you doing with the goals that you set for 2015?

Need some energy, motivation and enthusiasm? There is no better resource than from NEW BLOOD on your team. There is nothing better than a handful of new people who are EXCITED about the products and about their new business. The enthusiasm of new people is absolutely and positively CONTAGIOUS!

How is your team growth for 2015? Are you on track or perhaps a little behind? Here are some things that you can do RIGHT AWAY to give your personal recruiting a little pick me up.

Go to the office supply store and buy a brand new bright and shiny spiral notebook with LOTS of clean pages… (there is nothing like the smell of new paper to get your heart pumping!)

Go home and decide how many new team members you would like between now and the end of December.

 IMPORTANT! Call your up-line or an accountability buddy and SHARE that goal!

Take the number of new team members you would like each month and multiply by 6 (example, if you would like 6 new team members between now and the end of December, then the magic number is 36).

Open your bright and shiny new spiral notebook and number down the side of the pages 1-36 (consider numbering every other line)

180 is the number of people you will need to talk to in order to sign up 6 new team members each month. (1 in 5 will say yes).


Look at your calendar and count the number of days you will be working the phones between now and the end of December. (Presuming you work Monday through Friday. This helps you to break your goal into bite-sized pieces. You have 180 days to contact 180 people right? That means talking to just one person each day about joining your team.

IMPORTANT! Now it’s time to get serious. Pick up the phone and START DIALING!

Each CONNECTED phone call gets written in your spiral notebook along with anything you need to remember about the call. Keep phoning until you get to 180 and then watch what happens!

Things to keep in mind:   

This spiral notebook also will help you NOT to lose contacts “in the cracks”. My philosophy is that if I talked to them, no matter what they say (short of hanging up on me and asking NEVER to call again), I write their name and number down. Remember, most people must be invited at least 5 times before they join!

Your leadership in this area will inspire your team. The best way to spur TEAM recruiting is through PERSONAL recruiting. Lead by example!


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