Purpose | Goal | Action | Result

end in mindPurpose | Goal | Action | Result

Last week I spoke about the power of consistency and how creating a plan is an essential part of seeing results. Today I would like to delve a little further into that process by breaking down one of the most basic plays in my book.

When a client comes to me, there is usually an end goal in mind. We begin by breaking that goal down into smaller goals. The magic happens when we figure out WHY that end goal is so important. Because, without PURPOSE and ACTION, goals are just dreams and wishes. A “why” can be something as simple as “I want to build up my confidence” or “I need this certification to get to the next level.” Understanding why you are taking the test or joining the group is crucial when things get hard and you want to give up. It’s the driving force that keeps successful people going.

Once the WHY has been hammered down, we move into creating a very specific goal. This could be anything from booking a new client, to getting a promotion. Usually these goals are only a part of the larger picture and have specific deadlines. For example, one of my clients has a goal of becoming a published author. One of her specific goals is to be signed by a literary agent. This goal is paired with a deadline and an understanding of why meeting that deadline is so important to her. She understands that there are several smaller (but no less significant) goals standing between her and her ultimate goal.

The action steps are easier to determine once a specific date and goal have been set. This is where many people being to stumble, during the process of taking the actions from paper and putting them into motion. Going back to the PURPOSE can be helpful here. Understanding WHY you’re working so hard is critical to the last part of the process.

Seeing RESULTS is what makes the first three parts of this process worth it. By breaking a project or goal down into four simple parts, this allows for quick and focused evaluation of the results. This evaluation allows for more efficient execution the next time.

So, I challenge you this week to take a project or goal that has been floating in your mind and break it down. Ask yourself these questions: WHY do you want this? WHAT are you really trying to accomplish? What are you going to DO to get there? Then finally, what does the RESULT look like? Please feel free to share your results in the comments below.