Your Sales Voice; what is it saying to you, others?

believe.2015Your voice becomes yours, and authentically yours, when you……….

  • Do what you believe in
  • Do what you’re passionate about
  • Work in your chosen field
  • Find your calling
  • Discover something you feel you were made or born to do
  • Do something you love


Write down what folks “thank you for the most” – what could you do late into the night for FREE? What fuels your tank and you could feel no failure doing?

Here are elements of your voice;

  • You have belief in who you are
  • You have belief in what you do
  • You have a desire to succeed
  • You’re personally prepared – attitude, enthusiasm, friendliness and ideas
  • You maintain self-confidence that comes from your heart, not from your head
  • Your enthusiasm is real
  • Your sincerity is evident
  • You’re eager to master every aspect of what you do
  • Your passion is contagious
  • Your moxie engages others
  • Your desire to improve is never-ending
  • You love what you do

Note; your voice is not about how to make sales faster – your voice is how you make sales forever. For your voice to appear, you must possess all of these elements. Most people have a “weak” voice because they don’t love what they do, or lack sincerity, or they don’t’ fully believe in themselves, their company, or their product.

Success action; go back to this list and rate yourself on a 1-10 basis. Ten being the best, your highest possible score is 120.

Success action; record your spoken voice once a week, and listen to it actively – which means take notes. By listening to yourself – you will gain a true picture of where you are right now. Your jumping off point.

You’ll know your voice when you hear it. IT will speak to you before you ever say a word.

Ignite Your Success!