The Value of a Personal Mission Statement

personal mission statementIt defines what you value most and drives you to achieve the individual goals that lead to a happier, more purposeful life.

If you were asked to name your goals, you would probably have no problem rattling off a quick list: walk 25 minutes every day, stop wasting money, read more.

What’s harder to identify are the reasons you set these goals in the first place. Understanding WHY you want to achieve them is what will truly motivate you to change your behavior and sustain it over time.

This is where the personal mission statement comes in. It’s a declaration of the values that ground you. Your statement becomes a force to help guide you and keep your ambitions focused and identifiable. Use your personal mission statement as your Personal Master Achievement Plan.

Here are 5 key questions to ask yourself:

  1. How would I want people to describe me?
  2. What legacy do I hope to leave?
  3. What makes me feel happiest and most fulfilled?
  4. Why do these things matter to me?
  5. How do I define success?

Make it happen.

Having a mission statement isn’t going to cause your life to suddenly fall into place. But it will inspire you to tackle the changes you need to make and see them through for the long haul. Knowing your ultimate purpose helps you understand the true consequences of your actions.

Skipping the gym no longer makes you feel guilty; it also shows that you’re not living the active lifestyle you’ve promised yourself.

Give this a try and see how this will help you navigate toward achieving your goals.

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  1. Once again Marlo, great ideas. I am now going to challenge the people at my company to do this.


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