The reason you’re late is because you don’t value the thing that you’re doing.

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Are you showing up late to your client appointments or your weekly team meeting?

Take note, it’s telling you something.

Are you no longer revved up to get into the room? Ask yourself, why is that? The reason could be that you’ve stopped valuing what you’re doing. When you stop valuing something it makes it easier to accomplish other tasks, or get that extra cup of coffee before getting into your car. Running late creates a domino effect on your day and your feelings about your business.

Are you constantly apologizing for being late or not following through? Take a look and consider the reasons. When did that value shift occur? What do you need to do to change this?

It starts with awareness. There will be some folks out there that will say this makes total sense to them.

The same goes for your health. You may have started out strong and consistent, and then over time you allowed excuses to get in the way. It really means you stopped placing a high value on your own health. This shift in value lends itself to missing work outs and eating mindlessly, resulting in a cycle of frustration and shame that eventually leads you to question how you got to that point.

The good news is you can change this. It starts with a simple awareness to the fact that a shift has occurred, then changing your actions and getting back to seeing the value that it brings.

An example: You’ve noticed that over the last month you find yourself late all the time to your weekly team meetings. Get clear on WHY you’re attending these meetings and what you’re gaining by being there. Keep that WHY in front and if there truly is value in attending and being on time then change your action and SHOW UP!

Start to notice the success in your actions. Are they working for you? If not, what needs to change and get clear on the VALUE? This may be the missing link you’ve needed that will nudge you forward. Feel free to comment below and share how this technique works for you.

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2 thoughts on “The reason you’re late is because you don’t value the thing that you’re doing.

  1. Thank you for this Marlo! I’m going to do this. It’s been hard for me to be on time since I was a little girl. My mother ran late too. Neither one of us liked it. The shame makes you want to be invisible walking in somewhere late, but in all reality, it has just the opposite effect.

    Just yesterday, I was wondering why I was always one of the last ones to get to a friends coffee once a month. I usually have a lot to do in the mornings and to get out for the day, but I couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t want to see more of my friends. I think it’s always hard to leave so much to do at home, but I have done one great thing to ease the load – I hired a bookkeeper! She’s a sharp young entrepreneurial mom, who really gets me and thinks I have a lot to offer if I could get some of the organizational, admin stuff off my plate. Yay!! Just got my taxes done yesterday, with her help.

    Anyway, I’m going to bring these thoughts you’ve shared into my consciousness around this issue. It’s a fresh way at looking at this problem.

    Thanks, Jean

  2. Thank you. Though I am seldom late for appointments especially in my business, I can see this emerging in other areas of my life. I shifted the value and it is time for a re-shift. Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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