Coaching can help you elevate your habits to elite performance levels

This article landed in my in basket today. Coaching is truly a ‘secret weapon’.  At the end of the article I share what my clients have to say about their coaching experience.


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The Secret Weapon to Success is No Longer a Secret

Our founder is featured in Foundr Magazine

Today we want to share Nathan Chan’s interview with Tony for Foundr magazine. As part of the magazine feature, how coaching can help you elevate your habits to elite performance levels. We think you’ll love this interview.

Here’s what Foundr Magazine had to say about the discussion:

Tony Stubblebine was not one of those 22-year-old tech startup CEOs, wearing hoodies and distributing profane business cards. He got his start as a sharp programmer, working alongside people like Ev Williams and Biz Stone, and has been steadily climbing his way up the ladder since. The path to becoming a successful CEO involved a lot of growth and personal development for him, almost like an athlete in training. One thing he could have used much earlier is a good coach. “I didn’t get my first coach until it was way too late. Why didn’t I have an exec coach grooming me to be an executive, to be a CEO?”  He took, what others perceived to be, his weaknesses and turned them into strengths that made him a force to be reckoned with.


Here’s what clients are saying about our coaching partnership:

“Marlo is a consummate professional who gets right to the heart of your issues. She’s a no excuse coach who knows how to stretch you just a little further. I learned more about myself and my style in her sessions than I have in all the seminars I have attended over my career. I will use what I learned from her the rest of my life. She is one of the best investments I ever made in myself!” – Becky

When asked to share RESULTS received from their coaching experience, this is what they’ve said;

“Better time management”

“Learned a lot about myself and how I function within my career”

“I believe I became a better salesman since working with you”

“Feel I have a better understanding of owning my own business and working for myself”

“I superseded personal monthly sales from $2,000 to $6,000/month – 200% increase”

“I doubled a sales team from 8 to 16 producers 50% increase”

“I launched a new venture (executed on a desired dream) – priceless”

“I developed leadership skills that allowed for exponential growth”

“I increased sales by 30% in 1 Q (tech firm)”

I trust this validates your desire to learn more about coaching. You’re invited to reach out and connect to learn more