Self Recognition Strategy that works!

Poster board - personalAs much as we’d like others to recognize us for our daily actions it’s valuable to have a system in place that fuels us up on a regular and consistent basis.  There are really three layers to this strategy;

  1. Self-recognition visual
  2. You will see a pattern to your success
  3. It has the ability to get you immediately ‘out of stuck’ if you find yourself there.

Through my experience in sales and building and growing sales organizations I’ve continually studied ways to enhance performance.  I’ve always been in a commissioned based role which really means “paid of performance” – if you PERFORM you get PAID!

This concept “birthed” due to a need to run an ACTIVE and CONSISTENT business.  It’s so simple it almost makes it silly………….but try it for yourself and see what happens!

What you need:

  • 8 x 10 white sheet of paper (or another format of your choice)
  • Post-it-notes (preferably something jazzy! – I prefer these star stickers you see in the pictures!

What you do:

  • Make this a weekly ACTION. I recommend “follow up Friday’s”. By noon on Friday look back to your week (the last 5 days in business).
  • Put (3) post-it-notes down in front of you.
  • Write down something that either felt good or went well this week on each of the post-its.
  • The purpose of using post-its’ is it keeps this VERY SIMPLE it does not give you too much space to ramble and lose focus – just dot down what you feel are your SUCCESS.
  • When finished, put the post-it’s on your sheet of paper and look back to them as needed to fuel yourself up of the actions you’ve taken that feel good or have given you results

    The main purpose for this is a “visual reminder” of what success actions you are taking in your business.  These are self-recognition reminders of what either felt good or went well each week.

    Now, comes the BEST part of this tool………….on those days when your “not feeling it” the best thing you can do is take down one of the post-its and take that action that day!  It is an action you felt good about and offered a return………….what this does is keep you running ACTIVE and CONSISTENT and gets you out of stuck very quickly.

    It can be a challenge to consistently motivate yourself……….that’s the point, you are no longer re-working the wheel but you are going back to actions that you’ve taken and simply doing them again!  This will push you into the “mastery zone” which will allow you to get to the next level of performance.

    I recommend every 6 months or 180 days (I prefer January and July) that you take the post-its and bullet point them on paper. What will happen here is you will start to see a pattern of actions that you’ve taken that prove to be successful for you. For example, you may see that you are jotting down many self-recognitions for your leadership. This shows you that your leadership is enhancing and allows you to start to leverage these skills.

    I recommend you hang this somewhere in your office and add to it weekly.

    ** side note – it’s helpful to put down the date on the back of the post-it.

Give this a try and share with me on the comments section below on how it’s working for you.

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