10 traits of your tribe

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I was working with one of my clients this week that is a writer with a goal of becoming published. I say this a lot, but my customized strategies are useful to a wide variety of industries. In the end, the ultimate desired result is always the same: greater performance. The work I do is focused on each individual client’s particular VALUE | TALENTS | SELF-WORTH.  Once those areas are defined, my strategies can be applied to an individual’s passion.

One of the core strategies I discussed with my client this week was ‘the 10 traits of his tribe’.  This can prove valuable to you if you are soul searching about who follows you and who and how to target the folks in your tribe. I refer to these people as your followers or your team.

Creating the right content was becoming an obstacle for this particular client so together we collaborated on who his audience really is.  Once we determined the 10 common threads of who is reading his work he was better able to create the right types of content that would clearly speak to them and assist with what he has to offer.

If you have this obstacle I recommend putting the numbers 1-10 down on paper and jot down the commonalities of the folks that follow you – your tribe.

Now that you’ve defined who they are, you are better able to create the right material to capitalize on serving them.  This will also guide you on how to do it.  That can be the hardest part.

My client and I were able to craft a very specific four part series of topics that he can use that really have a powerful impact for his readers.

Clarity is everything.  Take a minute and jot down the 10 traits or commonalities of the folks that you work with the most.  This will allow you to see more clearly how to best respond and serve them.  This also worked with one of my real estate clients too.  He was having this same obstacle.

Give it a try and call on me if I can assist you with anything.

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