How To: Your Personal Success Formula

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When I work with clients on developing plans one of the key steps is breaking goals down into DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, and QUARTERLY actions.

One of the most important actions you can take is to test and measure your activity/success every 12 weeks (four times) per year.

It’s so powerful to stop and reflect on the actions you’ve taken over the last 12 weeks. That is your opportunity to identify works and what doesn’t, then to catch a mistake before it becomes a habit.

Here are 4 steps to approach it:

  1. Take the next 10-14 days of business and track on and index card each of the categories you do in business. For example; finance, legal, staffing, branding, sales, marketing…etc.
  2. Now that you are clear on the various ‘categories’ you work within, on the back of each index card, list out the actions you take within each category. Keep it simple. For example, when you are taking actions in the finance side of your business list out in detail what those actions are.
  3. Continue to track these actions and build on them as you go. This will give you clarity on what you are doing in each of these areas and help track your activity.
  4. At the end of the 12 weeks (each quarter) look at the actions. Do more of the ones that produced results and remove the actions that did nothing for you. From there, make a comprehensive list of the things you do within each of the areas of your business that work.

The final list is your own Personal Success Formula. You know what you are doing that produces results.

Once you’ve defined your Personal Success Formula, continue to revisit it to ensure you stay on track. Over time, this will allow you to accept new challenges and responsibilities because you’ve mastered the others.

Give it a try and call on me if you have any questions.

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