Pay attention to your Success Behaviors


This week I’d like to talk about Success Behaviors and why recognizing them is so important.

One of my most successful behaviors is not directly related to my business. For me, waking up and exercising is probably the MOST successful behavior I have. It’s very clear on the days when I don’t have this as part of my DAILY process everything just seems off.  By identifying the way that exercising impacts my day, I am able to motivate myself to continue exercising, even on the days when I’m not feeling it.

Starting off my day early and ensuring that I do three core things makes all the difference. My morning begins at 5 a.m., followed by two cups of coffee and a wake time, 2 cups of coffee and a 3.5-mile speed walking routine.  These three simple parts of my morning routine is a guarantee for my personal success.

I say it frequently, but energy is my number one currency exchange with clients. My ability to show up and be excited and engaged with every client is what I have consistently been told is the key to my success as a coach. My personal health and routines are essential in order to keep that energy (and success) consistent.

While health and wellness are key elements of my own Success Behaviors, here are a few examples of other behaviors that I find essential:

  • 45 minutes of daily research on my industry of coaching, performance and people
  • Listening to music (for me it’s Jazz, Spa, or Katy Perry)
  • Mindfulness/Meditation/Awareness
    • Being mindful helps me create and stay on the cutting edge of my business. This includes taking time out to listen to my gut in regards to who I should be working with, and what projects I should be working on. That intuitive voice looks and sounds different for everyone, but it’s there and should always be trusted.

I invite you to take a minute and write down a few of your own Success Behaviors. Once you’ve got your list, start incorporating them into your daily routine.  Be aware of how your day and attitude changes, figuring out how your Success Behaviors serve you.

Tell me what you think as you read this. Your input matters and I’d love to hear from you.  I also know that this process can be personal, so feel free to send me a note directly at . I’m here to bring out your best!

Ignite Your Success!