gratitudeIt’s winter here in the Midwest, and that means that it’s tempting to spend a lot of time indoors. Today I invite you to take a Gratitude Walk.  It’s one of the most amazing gifts you can give yourself and it costs absolutely nothing.

Here is a bit of a roadmap for you to follow on your Gratitude Walk today:

  • AWARENESS. Stop, take a deep breath, now step forward and speak these three words; light, love and abundance. Open up and get ready to receive the gifts that are coming your way.
  • VISUALIZE. Picture in your mind the things you are grateful for. What do they look like? What do they feel like? Take this a step further by visualizing your goal. What does it feel like to reach the goal (actually see yourself doing it/having it)?
  • ACTUALIZE. Now imagine that you have it (whatever it is that you are seeking and feel grateful for). Do a visual walk-about. Simply speak; “I am grateful for” and let it come to you. You’ll find that you will start with the absolute basics like food, health and home. Once you’ve finished you’ll likely be focused on things like comfort, joy and abundance.

Give this walk 45 minutes of your attention. When I find the need to do this exercise, I put myself in nature.  On a wooded trail a path or in a meditation garden (yep, those exist).

I can guarantee you that once you’ve completed your gratitude walk you will be more centered. You will feel like anything is possible. We all have a purpose here, dig into it then bring it forward.  Others need that special gift that only you have to offer.

Grounding yourself in gratitude will change everything. It will give you the peace you are seeking and the business you deserve. It starts with understanding how important you are, and how important your purpose is. It starts with gratitude.

At the end of your walk I invite you to put down three-to-five Post-It notes and write down the most significant things you are grateful for today. Keep track of them and reflect back when needed to fuel you up on those days when you just can’t take a Gratitude Walk.  Let gratitude give you the fuel you need today to be your personal best.

I’ll leave you with a saying that I share with most of my clients: Stop leaning in and start allowing.  The force that you’re giving it is resisting you.  Rather, let it show up.  TRUST is the word.  The right things will come at the right times.  TRUST and BELIEVE this for yourself.

Feel free to share what you’re grateful for in the comments section below.

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