I don’t have time to fold the underwear

2016-06-04 07.15.57Ok, so as I write this the only thing going through my head right now is this…I don’t have time to fold the underwear.

How on earth can this possible apply to your world right now. Stick with me; I think you’ll find more value here.  I’m a girl who knows performance.  It’s my intention to turn this underwear story into a performance story for you.  Here goes;

Let me set the one around the last 10 days and the next 4 to come that will assist you in what this all means.

First off, we have two amazing boys both navigating their paths into independence, college and adulthood. Our youngest just returned from a study abroad program in Germany (during his college freshman year) and our oldest just finished his junior year in college.  So the last 10 days have looked like this; youngest gets off a plane from Germany, moves out of his apartment and home for the summer to work.  Oldest has decided to take stake in Seattle for the summer and work.  Never been there, but like his mama a.k.a me…a risk taker and wants to really stretch himself has decided to move out of his studio loft, put his job with a law firm (while going to school for the last 3 years) on hold and move out-of-state.  We both board a plane on Saturday.  Together we’ll be navigating a lot of things…never been there.  He has a roof over his head and a job and the rest is yet to be achieved.  Mind you…he’s leaving with only a suitcase for the next 12 weeks.  That’s a major feat within itself.

We are also very blessed to have a divine, peaceful cabin in the woods out of state which I just returned from yesterday (4 hour drive from home). Upon arriving home, had to unpack from a long weekend of fun at the lake, shower and attend a book signing for a dear friend whose in his 90’s and just wrote an amazing tell all book about his experience as a tried and true Hawkeye (Yes, we live in the Hawkeye state).  It was also determined that last night was the ONLY night this week we have to have ‘all hands on deck’ and assist our oldest move out of his studio loft and bring the entire contents back to our basement…arg!  College kids right.  Are you relating yet?

So right now, between my client calls I’m doing massive amounts of laundry for all 4 of us again. Not only that but an unusual amount…Germany bags just got unpacked, cabin laundry from a long weekend, oldest son overwhelmed and sent home eight big loads last night that need to get done so he can pack that ‘only suitcase’ for Seattle for our Saturday departure.  So right now, being true to myself and being in the present.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  However, I’m really good at setting healthy boundaries and clear expectations so right now as I’m ‘over performing’ with multiple tasks all I’m going to say is this… “I don’t have time to fold the underwear”.  Any other time that would not be an issue.  I’m at peace getting all of this done and knowing that it’s going to be ok.  Never out for perfection, but doing what needs to get done with the time that we have keeps us with high levels of performance.  It’s all about managing our expectations of ourselves.

I did not mention that on top of the last 10 days of travel, vacationing, moving, coaching and living and the next 4 days to prepare for being out of my office and in Seattle for the week I’m also in the process of a major re-branding project and writing a book. Hosting a photo shoot for my new website tomorrow too.

All I want to leave you with is this…if I can do it, you can too. It’s all about performance and how you approach it and what really needs to get done with the time that you have = expectations.

Ignite Your Success and leave me a note in the comments section below. I’d love to hear if you plan to fold the underware this week or not too?!?