Ditch the Pitch: I Told My Client To Stop Selling and Here’s What Happened

DSC_5692Last week, a client told me that his business was growing, but the process of selling didn’t feel right. He was passionate about the product, but still didn’t feel good when sealing the deal.

It’s true, “the ask” is the hardest part of any sale. When you sit down with a potential client, they know that eventually they will be asked to buy something. There is a lot of pressure to persuade and not a lot of time to do it. Most people already have preconceptions before sitting down about a product, which makes that final push even more difficult. My advice to my client, like most of my strategies, was simple.

Educate properly and the sale will happen.

When I say educate, I mean more than mentioning how a product works and what it can do. I mean educating a potential client on how the product has impacted you. Instead focusing the discussion on how it can help someone else, share the results of your own success and why you are so excited to share the product with others. This excitement is contagious, and will shift that final question from “will you?” to “why WOULDN’T you?”

It’s easy to fall back into a pitch when you’re nervous about a potential sale, so here are my top three tips to help shift your thinking:

Make a List

Start by listing five things that you LOVE about what you do or what you offer, then refer to those when meeting with a client.

Stop and Listen

Ask a friend or co-worker to pretend to be a potential client and record the conversation using your smartphone or other recording device. Listen to the recording and ask yourself, would you buy from you?

Recalibrate and Reach Out!

If you have identified issues that would make you not want to buy from you, change it! Reach out to others on your team or successful professionals in your field that are doing things the way you want to do them and ask for help. Work with a coach or mentor to identify what you can enhance or share that will get you a YES every time.

A week later, my client shared how excited he was with this new approach. It was much easier and less stressful during his prospect meetings. He happily reported that adjusting his approach allowed him to successfully close business in a way that “just felt right.” To me, when business feels right, that’s a success.  And isn’t that what this is all about?

I encourage you this week to shift your focus from selling to educating and sharing, then reflecting on what it has done for your business goals. Make a list of five things that you love getting out of bed and offering to others that you know makes a difference, then get out there and speak it! “The ask” is inevitable. However, when we transform a sale from a transaction to a conversation, we allow room for more authenticity and an opportunity for business to feel right.

Holler back and share your results with me. I love hearing how this approach has helped others.

Ignite Your Success!