I Don’t Care About the Competition

DSC_5763I have many people who inspire me. I follow blogs, reach out to people who are doing what I want to do, and am in a constant state of learning. I have spent years connecting with top leaders and business people in order to learn more about my field and how I can best serve others. In all that time, I have found a definitive line between learning from others and comparing myself to them.

The difference between being inspired and comparing is most evident in how it makes you feel. An inspiration leaves you feeling hopeful and excited about what you do. Comparing leaves you feeling inadequate and overwhelmed, not knowing how you’ll ever accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

How much time are you spending comparing yourself to others? When we do this it drains our confidence.  As your Chief Inspirational Officer, I invite you quit NOW!

Focusing on finding inspiration within yourself and your own environment will allow room for more positive energy and ultimately room for personal growth. When you’re feeling the need to compare yourself to others, here are a few suggestions to find inspiration instead:

Get Out

Spend time on yourself. Instead of scrolling through your Facebook or LinkedIn page and wishing you had more views or followers, take a walk and reflect on your personal wins and outcomes. You’ll find yourself in a larger headspace that makes room for personal growth and strategy, rather than a feeling of being inadequate.

Get a Slogan

Wake up and tell yourself “I am my own competition.” Put this phrase into action by making a conscious effort to push yourself to that next level. By competing with yourself, you are essentially giving yourself an advantage. In this race, you already know how to beat your challenger. Embrace the feeling of empowerment that comes with knowing you can win. When we take the time to improve the things we need to change within ourselves it opens up a completely new space for power and energy to flow through us.

Get Visual

Inspire yourself with a new game plan by using my High Performance formula, creating a personal formula for success. Having a plan in writing helps alleviate that feeling of overwhelm that happens when we see others who have achieved goals we’re striving toward.

I was with a client a few weeks ago and after sharing this simple strategy with him he was astonished how differently he started approaching everything. People were drawn to his business and services because he was consistently inspired by his own successes.

Start today by simply being aware of how much time you focus on comparing rather than being inspired. Buy back some of that energy you’re giving away and step into your own.

You’ve got this. I believe in you, now start believing in yourself just a little bit more.

Ignite Your Success!  Your Chief Inspirational Officer, Marlo