The Power of letting Nature Guide Us

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I’m one of those people who finds clarity in nature.

I’m also one of those people who believes in signs. I believe in things “showing up” in life, and it being up to us to interpret and act upon them. In the last month I started seeing this image above recurring, I decided to put some study, intuition and meditation on it.

As early as the 15th century, a practice called dowsing or divining was taking place. Individuals used a Y-shaped twig or rod in order to locate things hidden in the earth like water, metals, ores and gemstones. The act was considered pseudoscience.  Simply put, no one could prove how an inanimate object could see things a person could not.

One of my strengths has always been to see the potential in others. One of my strongest validations as a coach is having clients come away from our meetings with a renewed sense of possibility. I see these recurring images of sticks and leaves as being symbolic of the clarity I bring to my clients. It’s not magic or even a slick business technique. My intuition stems from my ability to listen and my compassion for others. Being able to help my clients gain clarity is one of the main reasons why I do what I do.

In business, there are many times when the question “now what?” arises. I see this recurring Y-shape as a physical representation of that dilemma. The leaves in the images above are representative of the problems that can muddle up an individual’s vision of success. Sometimes the answers to “now what” are buried under procrastination, disorganization, or hazy goals. As a Chief Inspirational Officer, I act as a divining rod and assist in unearthing those answers. While divining may be pseudoscience, my approach is based on proven business strategies that ensure measurable growth.

I challenge you this week to pay attention to what is “showing up” in your life. Take the time to notice recurring shapes, words, or even colors. Be open to what the world is showing you and be open to receiving it. Make this process easier by writing a note or snapping a picture. Share your observations in the comments below; I would love to hear from you.

Peace, Love and Growth.

Marlo, Your CIO