How creating Healthy Boundaries can fuel you UP!

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You know this if you’ve “Liked” my Facebook page, but I’m very good with healthy boundaries and self-management. I’m working this Saturday because I scheduled this weekend to work while my husband is away on a much needed “guys’ weekend.”

I was so excited about having this time to focus on my work that the “to-do” list grew at a rather alarming rate. Navigating all that I planned to accomplish this weekend resulted in some pretty spectacular piles of paper. While most may look at these piles and get overwhelmed, I had a revelation when I realized that my paper towers were actually a tangible example of my compartmentalized mind.

This is such an ‘ah-ha’ moment because this is an example of what the majority of my clients are seeking. They want to be able to identify what needs to get done, and then DO IT in the allotted time they have. Often, that sense of overwhelm slows down the steps between identification and checking it off the list, making Freedom Warriors feel like failures.

The process of breaking things down into piles is a technique I have used for years that turns overwhelming amounts of work into manageable bites. Once everything is piled up, it’s just a matter of executing one task at a time. That simple process has been with me since the beginning and when I meet clients who are frustrated, it’s the first play I share with them.

I know it works because I’ve done it. The authenticity that my clients rave about stems from the fact that I never ask clients do something that I haven’t done myself. Which also allows me to FEEL the same way that they are…it’s just that God gave me the gift of simplicity, clarity, discipline, forward thinking and problem solving matched with a lot of love, self-care and honor of thyself and others.

As part of that authenticity, I thought I would share with you what’s lurking in all of these piles. When people hear “Chief Inspirational Officer” it’s difficult to picture what that means.

Here are just a few of things I do when I’m not in front of clients:

  • Determining my weekly numbers and ROI of my time
    • What is valuing my worth and keeping me fueled up to do more
    • Successboarding (this will change your life. If you aren’t doing this, email me NOW)
  • Submitting my projects to my branding team for our new website and product launch coming this fall and holiday season
  • 7 core writing projects underway which will be included in our blogs, our books, our programs, other
  • Follow up of current clients
    • Being a CIO for my clients doesn’t stop when we leave a meeting. Coaching them to success involves analyzing feedback and following up with information that continues to fuel them until our next meeting. This includes emails, scheduled phone calls and worksheets that are tailored to meet their specific needs. I also spend time before each meeting reading up on the client and figuring out what I can bring to table in order to make the most of our time together.
  • Future clients and growth opportunities
    • Proposals to create future business
  • Training | Education
    • I spend 45 minutes a DAY in training keeping my brand on the cutting edge in my industry of motivation and people performance. I don’t take this lightly…it’s important to keep myself on the edge of the diving board all the time to ensure I’m highly effective
  • Other…lot’s of OTHER….books, programs, speaking gigs, product development, research, and more!
  • L-O-V-E goes into everything I touch. I burn a candle in my office each time I sit down and start to work giving my light and love to all that I do. It reminds me to keep burning bright for myself and others. It’s the torch that is necessary to keep me on point, in faith and belief.

I’m typically a very private person. This is just a glimpse into what I do in order to help others manage their time (and success) more effectively. I wanted to share this with you in part to emphasize that my brand is built on a concept that is proven to work, but it’s also built on my ability assist others.

This blog is designed to reach those who are curious about coaching but not ready to take the leap. It’s meant to speak to those who are ready, but haven’t picked up the phone. I want you to know that I’m here, on the weekend, continually preparing to be of assistance to you in some way. My life’s purpose is to be a confident wife and mom, and to run tandem with a high level brand that helps others in a humanitarian way. That desire to help others is what gets me out of bed everyday, so thank you. Thank you to my clients who have leapt into a partnership with me, and thank you to my readers who are implementing my techniques and building their own successes. I’m cheering for you. I’m grateful to you.


Ignite Your Success!

M, your CIO