Do you ever get ‘tangled up’ in your freedom?


(Photo of me swinging freely in a hammock at a meditation garden)

For so many, having the freedom to work independently is a burning need we must fulfill. I call these people Freedom Warriors, and I’m happy to be one of them. While being a Freedom Warrior can mean setting your own schedule and your own earning limits, it also comes with the need for discipline. You may be a hard charging, high performer but it’s still easy to get caught in the false idea of not having “enough time.”

As I write this, I am working from a remote location as I do every July.

I’m looking at a peaceful body of water right now as I write this and there’s an internal conflict of conversation happening in my brain.

Fun Marlo: You should really get out there and take a kayak ride.

Freedom Warrior Marlo: Sit, write, do what you said you were going to do.  Ah, integrity.

Fun Marlo: …and then kayaking?

Freedom Warrior Marlo: …hells yes there’ll be kayaking!

I am here to write and expand, that’s the expectation I have for myself right now.

Argh! This is so hard!

I can tell you that the only thing that’s going to make me feel like a hundred bucks today is when I complete my writing expectations then venture off to do things that make my heart sing. My freedom is being outdoors and in motion as much as possible.  It’s almost impossible to keep me caged up inside.  I’m a free spirit and always have been. When I decided years ago to become a Freedom Warrior (independent, self-employed, lead my own companies and be my own boss) one of the expectations I set of myself was to incorporate time to be outdoors. I work more efficiently if I give myself space to breathe.

That space has required me to pave my own way in regards to my career, and my life. It’s not always the easiest, but I can tell you that I’ve learned so much along the way. It’s allowed me to build multiple companies doing it.  I’ve learned that others would like to seek the same type of freedom that I live and are willing to learn from me so they too can be their own Freedom Warriors.

This is what I know: if you set an expectation, and then dive in and operate from a zone of integrity, you will set yourself free. Simply put, do what you say you’re going to do.

So today, as the lake is calling my name and breeze is rippling the water as I tap my keyboard, I will take my own advice. I will complete the writing assignments, meeting my own expectations. Then I will shut the laptop down and revel in the freedom I have afforded myself, because that’s what it’s all about.

Go ahead, be your own #freedomwarrior. Chart your own path, but don’t get so tangled up in your freedom that you fall short of meeting your own expectations. Instead, accept your choices and act on them.  See what it does for you.

Love. Peace.  Joy.  Share if this message impacted you in some way, I’d love to hear.

Ignite Your Success! Your CIO, Marlo