The Beauty of “Bless and Release”

bless-releaseHave you ever made a business decision that ended up being a mistake? It happens and it’s a necessary part of growth.  I’ve experienced it this year and have had to release a little ceremonial bad business mojo that’s climbed up inside me from time to time.  If you don’t release it, it starts to cloud our judgements, decisions and worth.

I speak mostly about success, but our failures and setbacks are really where we learn. We gain confidence and see our powers and influence in those moments that are darker than others. The most profound things can happen when we settle into that uncomfortable feeling of growing, stretching, and striving.

It’s all part of the process.

At a presentation on business growth and confidence I gave recently, I spoke the words ”bless and release.” That simple phrase is an essential part of business strategy I share with my clients and frequently use in my own business. I found myself in that space recently, the one of uncomfortable growth, and I needed to “bless and release” a decision in order regain power and belief in myself.

I share this vulnerable moment with you because it is so important to rid ourselves of the negativity that surrounds mistakes and failures. If allowed to remain in your mind, negativity will impact everything from mindset to productivity, deceiving you into thinking you don’t deserve the things that you are working toward.

Releasing those mistakes can be as simple as making a decision. It can be symbolic. It can be ceremonial. Write down your mistake(s), and then ignite the paper. Watch the smoke of candle waft and dissipate. Carve a word into a rock and plop it into pond. Do what you need to do to let those feelings go. Fully release yourself and acknowledge your growth.

I now stand taller in faith of myself, fully understanding that I do have all the answers.

I challenge you to bless and release any negativity you may be holding on to this week.

Remind yourself that you have value, purpose, power, and strength. We all experience trying times, including myself.  Don’t let them sit with you any longer than necessary.

Repeat after me:

I am worthy. I am love.  I have power.  I give strength.

I am true, pure, and powerful and have purpose.

I am love.