Less Is More: When Working Less Brings Bigger Results

magazine-ad-360-blueskyHow many hours have you put into your business this week? Do you keep yourself at a strict 9-to-5? Are you working through dinner most nights? Have you quit tracking your hours once you hit 60 in a week?

Americans have developed a work ethic that equates time with dedication. In a corporate setting, the first ones in and last ones out are considered more focused and goal-oriented than those who show up for regularly scheduled shifts. Workers feel guilty cashing in vacation time. They show up sick to meet deadlines. All this supposedly equals an ideal employee.

But what about us #freedomwarriors?

What if I told you that those long hours you’ve spent managing your business aren’t paying off as much as you think? What if I told you that all that overtime is actually killing your productivity?

I worked with a business owner this week who has the feeling that she must be ‘all hands on deck’ most of the time working to ensure her business success. But while she thought her around-the-clock presence was helping her business, she was totally depleting herself. She thought those long hours and overworking herself were a necessary part of getting ahead.

Together we crafted a plan with some clear boundaries and after 2 weeks her overall production went up 30%.

What Happened?

We went back to one of my foundational business strategies: do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. We looked at what ACTIONS she was taking and drilled down on the most important ones, I call them IPA’s (Income Producing Activities).  Once we determined her IPA’s, we looked at the extra 20 hours per week she was squeezing into her business and figured out what actions were helping and which ones were hindering her success.

The increase in production came when she gave herself the space in her schedule that was necessary in order to be an effective leader for her organization and her family. She had a core understanding of what she was doing and the impact it was having on her overall success.

She reported that she used that extra time on self-care, and that had the biggest impact overall. After all, what’s the point of reaching the finish line if you arrive completely depleted with nothing left to give yourself or others.

So, what about you?

Are you logging extra hours into your business? Are there any actions that can be removed in order to buy back some time?

Those extra hours you’ve put in are probably working against you. Why not define what you really need to be doing with that time? Give it a try and see what a little bit of breathing room can do for you and your success.

I would like to invite you to get into the room with me and learn the three simple things you can do to; cut down overwhelm, focus on the right actions necessary to move ahead and gain peace all while doing it.

I’m here and would love nothing more than to see you feeling better about your success and reaching your personal finish line with greater peace and ease. You deserve that!

Marlo, Your CIO